How To Dress with Style

by gadiel torres

    Learn What Colors Look Best on You

    Do you know what colors look best on you?

    Use a mirror and a friend to find out. Build your wardrobe around these colors, and you will always have clothes that coordinate.

    Solid colors are sophisticated, and they offer many opportunities to accessorize with the latest trends.

    Learning how to dress with style starts with making wise choices..

    Knowing Your Colors Saves Time Shopping

    You'll save tons of time going through sales racks by not bothering with clothing that is not part of your color palette.

    You'll be surprised at how fast you shop for clothes that flatter with this trick.

    Very few older women look good in pale pink.

    If you must have it, use it as a complimentary color, such as a blouse with a suit in a neutral solid color. As for a pink sweat suit, no.

    Red Is Versatile and Lively Wardrobe Addition

    Red is a flattering accent color for many women.

    Crimson can add pizazz to black, gray, navy and dark blue, some shades of light blue, light yellow, beige, tan, and some shades of brown.

    Scarlet shoes and hand bag can completely change the look of an outfit. Add a knitted cap and muffler in colder climates.



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